Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mel's Bachelorette Cruise on the Sovereign

Photobucket My sister is getting married March 15! I am so happy for her! So what better way to have a party than to take a cruise with 7 of your bridesmaids???? We decided to take our cruise on a short 3 night cruise to the Bahamas on the Sovereign of the Seas. What a trip that was......

Ill tell you right now it was not the typical cruise for me. Usually I am with my husband where we have full days at port and have bye a show...and to bed we go. This cruise was a big party! We started by decorating her cabin with all kinds of streamers and stickers.....we also decorated the bachelorette so all were sure to notice the purpose of this trip for her :) She had on her veil, tierra, sash, and blinking accessories of all kinds. She was definitely noticed by everyone.

Some highlights:

We did Karaoke and sang "Its My Party"....Oh did the crowd love us!!!haha between both of our terrible voices we surely were not candidates for American Idol, that's for sure!

Dancing till close every night in the Voltage disco...I guess there was no need for the fitness center this cruise :)


We sampled food from all areas of the ship :)


4 hour Sail and Snorkel trip on a catamaran and got our base tan...



Went to Senior Frogs Saturday night where Mel headed up a Congo line around the club where they poured shots in her mouth :)

We spent our last day at Coco Cay laying in the sun getting a tan listening to Calypso music. I rented myself a raft and floated in the Caribbean for a while.

I know she had a blast and so did all the bridesmaids on this cruise!!!!