Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jen's Top Cruise Tips of the Month

1. Make your spa and specialty restaurant reservations on the first day of your cruise.

2. Bring walkie talkies if you are traveling with others you want to keep track of on the cruise. (make sure they have good range)

3. Book your shore excursions in advance that way you get to do what you wanted once you get to port. (You wouldn't want the excursion you looked at before the cruise to the sold out or wait listed)

4. Tell us if you or your loved one is celebrating a special occasion, we will give you ideas if you want to do something extra special on your cruise.

Check back in February for next months travel tips!

**If you have cruise tips of your own, add them as comments to share with other cruisers. They may even end up as one of next months top five cruise tips!