Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Review of Cunard's Queen Victoria Ship Inspection

On January 13th I took a short drive to the other coast to go and visit Cunard's Queen Victoria. I was one of few agents who were taken aboard to tour the ship. This was the first day of the Queen Victoria's second world cruise. It was quite the site seeing not only one but two queens docked across from one another. I took a few nice photos of the Queen Mary 2 from aboard the Victoria.

As always I started my tour from top to bottom trying to get a picture of most all the public areas so I can pass on that information to my clients. The Queen Victoria has restricted access to decks 11 and 12 which are exclusively for the use of Queens Grill passengers. If accessing this area by elevator guests will need to use their Queens Grill room key. We took a peek at their small and intimate Queens Grill dinning room and across the hall, their concierge lounge where a nice couple were relaxing sipping a cocktail upon their first day of their voyage. Than we went to the outside area which included The Courtyard, the Grills Terrace, and Upper Terrace. These areas were a great retreat for passengers who would like some privacy and quiet to read a good book or have an afternoon cocktail. My only complaint would have to be the faux wood decks. I myself do prefer the real wood giving it a warmer tone and more luxurious feel. The lounge chairs on the Terrace were comfortably lined and cushioned.

Deck 9 took me through the Lido buffet, two pools and hot tubs, and a large area of the forward dedicated to the Canyon Ranch spa and fitness center. I was pleased with the spa sanctuary and the pleasant music piped in throughout. The aromatherapy was wonderful, I just love the smell of a the eucalyptus and lavender. The spa seems to puts me in a state of relaxation right as I enter the waiting room. The fitness equipment was all new and up to date with the individual flat screens on the cardio machines. They had spin bikes as well as room for a variety of aerobics classes. The sign up sheets that appeared to be most popular were Pilates, Yoga and Body Tone classes. They also had my favorite class onboard! ZUMBA! If you are a fan of salsa music and dancing in general, this is a must try class for all levels of dancers. The key is to relax, have fun, and you don’t have to remember steps like some other classes (Step aerobics) Put me in a step class and I will be lost in a heartbeat and most of the time your'll find me going in the wrong direction.

Than I walked past 5 decks of cabins, unfortunately the sailing was full and so I was not be able to go inside and take pictures of the cabins. I did manage to sneak a peak of a cabin steward getting a room ready for a guest who had not yet arrived, but not quick enough to snap a photo. Sorry :(

Decks one through three were mostly the public areas of the ship centered around a gorgeous atrium. They had a large replica of Big Ben as a center piece, as shown below. They had a very elegant two story library filled with all types of books and reference materials. There were also books to read up on the ports of call for the voyage. I passed a couple nice bars and lounges on my tour all staffed with friendly faces. The theater was quite a sight and the boxes were a very nice touch for those who want to make their evening at the theater extra special. The Golden Lion Pub was filled with happy patrons drinking their beer and watching sports on the large flat panel TVs placed throughout. Todd English, their specialty restaurant was very nicely appointed and intimate for that special night out for dinner. I was not able to sample to food but from what I hear it is fabulous.

I would say those were the highlight of my day on the Queen Victoria and as always it was very sad to leave the ship as we passed those cruisers embarking on their first day of their World Voyage. I sometimes catch myself wondering how long it would take for them to notice a stow- away hiding out in the Library. Than I come to my senses.


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