Monday, October 27, 2008

Porsche 2008 Business Aircraft and Jet Preview

Tina and I received a VIP invitation to the Porsche and Private Jet show in Ft. Lauderdale last week. This was quite a treat to be able to experience the private aircraft available from high-quality operators in the Virgin Charter Marketplace. From the all new Legacy by Embraer to the luxurious Gulfstream, Hawker Beechcraft’s Premier 1A, Cessna, Cirrus, Eclipse, Pilatus, Bombardier and more. They had a ramp full of jets all there for hands-on fun. You could climb into the aircraft and sit right down in the pilot's seat if you wanted to!

Just imagine this....flying with your family or closest friends first class to Paris and than taking a private limo over to your favorite hotel. The following day you do some shopping and pop back on your private jet to airport hassles. In London you are having lunch with your friends at a local pub the drinks and conversation are flowing and you stay longer than expected but that's OK because your private jet is waiting for you.

Say you want to take a last minute trip to St. Thomas with the kids. Hop on your jet for a quick flight over and stay at the Ritz Carlton St. Thomas. All without any of the stress of getting on a commercial flight with the hassles of a connection and going through airport security. This just makes a quick getaway seamless and relaxing from start to finish.

The Jets being previewed ranged in size and passenger capacity from 2 to 9 passengers and come with a crew, concierge, and pilot all while cutting down on your flying time without having to go through the hassles of typical airport security.

Tina going to look at the inside of the Beechcraft's Premier 1A

I think I can get used to this!

My personal favorite, gotta love being able move around, lounge on a couch sipping champagne on my flight!

Nice spacious seating.

Lots to see.....

This is going to be my next car! Well maybe not, but a girl can dream right?