Thursday, September 11, 2008

Betty Maclean Travel- My Journey Continues

Well I am starting to settle in here in Naples and have found the most wonderful agency to work for! I am now working at Betty Maclean Travel which is THE elite luxury full service travel agency in Naples. I am honored to be working amongst some of the most highly recognized and knowledgeable agents. Not only does this agency have the make-up of the most experienced agents but they are coming up on their 30th year in business. Betty Maclean Travel books luxury cruises, tours and hotels creating the most unique experiences in the world for their clients. The office itself portrays the same standard of luxury that they live up to. Upon walking in to Betty Maclean Travel you immediately notice the marble floor and pleasant background music in their reception area. The rest of the office is just as luxurious! I promise to keep you all updated as my journey continues.

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Here's my new contact info:
239-513-0333 or (800)865-8111
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