Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jen's Top Five Cruise Tips of the Month

1. On Disney Cruise line they have free sodas at the buffet so get your refills there.

2. Make sure to look at your newsletter for activities and shows that day. Some cruises have a portion you can tear off to carry around with you.

3.If you are a big coffee drinker you might want to bring a travel mug with you to fill up at the buffet to carry around with you. They also sell them with a coffee package on most cruise lines if you like specialty coffee drinks like lattes. The cup can also make a good souvenir.

4.Talk to your cruise counselor about what you want to experience on your cruise. There may be a cruise out there you have not even hear of before, and better suited for you. There are more cruise lines offering cruises than you may think.

5. Try the dinning room for lunch. I am usually pleasantly surprised, plus they aren't crowded and you get great service.

**If you have cruise tips of your own, add them as comments to share with other cruisers. They may even end up as one of next months top five cruise tips!