Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jens Top Five Cruise Tips of the Month

1. Take (or you can buy on the ship gift shop) a lanyard with a clear card holder on it to carry your room key around your neck. It is much more accessible than having it in your wallet or having to hand-carry it.

2. If you are a big Coke drinker, many cruise lines have a coke card you can purchase, which is cheaper than buying drinks individually. Unless you are on a luxury cruise line, drinks are not free; with the exception of coffee, tea, and water.

3. You don't have to book your shore excursions with the Cruise line, but be careful where you book. A company I recommend and use for my personal vacations is Shore Trips. To browse their trips go to and click on SHORE TRIPS . Most times Shore Trips have smaller more personalized trips than the cruise line. You will probably be less likely to be put on a motor coach of 40 people or more. One thing I find comforting is they have the same guarantee the cruise lines have, making sure you dont miss the ship.

4. Ladies, if you have thick hair, it is usually a good idea to take your own hair drier. I have found that many of the ones on cruises are not very powerful, plus the location of some of them makes it hard for two people to get ready at the same time.

5. Most important tip of all, when on the ship, forget all your worries back home and just relax and be pampered! Most of us don't have that option in our every day lives!"

**If you have cruise tips of your own, add them as comments to share with other cruisers. They may even end up as one of next months top five cruise tips!


Anonymous said...

if you take your sail and sign card to the casino they will hole punch it and give you one of their lanyards from the machines to use