Saturday, March 8, 2008

Jen's Top Five Cruise Tips of the Month

1. Specialty restaurants cover charge includes the gratuity. Even though there is a line item to add an extra tip, its just that: "extra".

2. Leave valuables, excess cash and unneeded credit cards aboard while on shore excursions.

3. On debarkation day try to RELAX. Do not wait in the stairwells with all your bags as it will only only lead to frustration. Get yourself some breakfast or sit in one of the lounges as you wait for your color to be called.

4. As for Embarkation, try not to get to the port too early. For Caribbean cruises they usually let you start checking in at 12:00pm. If you arrive earlier than that you will end up waiting in a boring sitting area with no entertainment.

5. The elevators are going to be crowded around dinner and show times. A bunch of crabby people waiting for the elevators will only stir each other up even more; why not walk off that crème brûlée and take the stairs — or maybe do a lap on the Promenade Deck.

**If you have cruise tips of your own, add them as comments to share with other cruisers. They may even end up as one of next months top five cruise tips!